Netflix’s The Next 365 Days: Does Laura Die in the End?

Does Laura Die in The Next 365 Days

Does Laura Die in the End? – The opening four minutes of “The Next 365 Days” have been made available on Netflix, and they provide the answer that fans have been asking for since 365 Days: Is Laura dead, the shocking cliffhanger of this day?

After the events of the sequel, Massimo is seen hanging out at a grave and attempting to avoid a gang fight in the introduction. It cuts to Laura’s best friend Olga getting ready for her wedding, although she doesn’t seem too thrilled about it.

After these scenes, viewers would have every reason to worry about Laura, yet the closing seconds of the opener reveals that Massimo isn’t in front of Laura’s grave.

If you recall the violent conclusion of 365 Days: This Day, Adriano was shot by Massimo after Laura was killed by his ex-girlfriend Anna, who Nacho also killed as he defended Laura. We have information on whether she survives in the third installment of the “365 Days” series.

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‘The Next 365 Days Plot Synopsis

Does Laura Die in The Next 365 Days?

NO, Laura doesn’t pass away in “The Next 365 Days.” The Next 365 Days belongs to the romance category, unlike the last movie, which was truly an erotic thriller, but the erotica element is still present. A few months have passed since Anna, Massimo’s ex-girlfriend, shot Laura. She has survived, but she still bears physical and emotional scars from it. In Sicily, she begins to feel restless more and more, and she starts to worry that her affection for her husband might not have endured the struggle. She often thinks back on Nacho and their time spent together on the idyllic island, eventually telling herself she loves him.

Massimo is aware of what happened on the island, but he does not retaliate violently as is customary. But he keeps asking Laura about it, which sparks heated exchanges between them. After one of these arguments, Laura dreams of having sex with Nacho. She dedicates herself to her career and takes her companion Olga to Portugal.

Laura quickly learns that Nacho is also present for a surfing competition. She makes vain attempts to escape him. She meets Nacho, and his sister in a nightclub and, afterward, goes with him to his house. They make love on the beach after Nacho promises her that she will always have a choice if she is with him.

Massimo is present as Laura returns to her lodgings. The two of them fight once more. Laura stays with her parents when Massimo departs. After learning that Massimo is aware of Laura’s affair, Olga notifies her buddy. Laura decides to go back to Sicily as a result. On her way home, she runs into Nacho, who has come to see her despite being aware that entering Massimo’s territory puts his and his father’s lives in danger. Laura requests more time despite Nacho’s repeated requests for her to select him.

On the beach is where the movie’s climactic sequence is set. Laura questions Massimo about why he did nothing when he knew she had cheated on him. Massimo reacts by relating a story about his father. Let go of something you genuinely love. If it returns, it is always yours. If it doesn’t, it was never really yours in the first place. Massimo then queries Laura about her return. There, with Laura still very much alive, the movie concludes.

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