Where is Cheat Episode 11 Winner Dr. Joseph Machta Now?

Where is Cheat Episode 11 Winner Now

Where is Dr. Joseph Machta Now? – Netflix’sCheat‘ is an intensely competitive game show where participants have the chance to use deception to win a substantial amount of money. Hosted by former EastEnders actor Danny Dyer and comedian turned Strictly star Ellie Taylor, four contestants take on this challenge with one simple rule: Don’t get caught.’ As players bluff their way through three rounds, their knowledge and ability to deceive are put to the test as they compete to avoid elimination and accrue a potential prize pool of over PS50,000. Every round offers participants the chance to add to their total jackpot by correctly answering questions during rounds 1& 2.

Viewers who follow the TV series ‘Cheat‘ on Netflix were delighted by Dr. Joseph Machta’s appearance in the eleventh episode of its first season. Dr. Machta is renowned for his friendly personality and ability to easily detect dishonesty and cheating. With such confidence, viewers were sure he could spot dishonesty or cheating before anyone else did!

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Who is Dr. Joseph Machta

Who is Dr. Joseph Machta?

Dr. Joseph Machta had an edge in the game due to his skill at maintaining a poker face and charming his way out of accusations. His opponents found it difficult to catch him cheating, as he was extremely knowledgeable in trivia questions – helping him progress through the rounds. In the first round, despite knowing that he had already cheated once, he achieved an impressive perfect score! He was able to deflect the allegations with ease. Josie, however, emerged as having the highest number of correct accusations and thus had the power to eliminate anyone of her choosing. Joseph’s initial suspicion that Josie didn’t believe him put him at risk of elimination, but ultimately she chose not to remove him from consideration.

In the second round, Joseph became even more determined not to get caught. Even though he had to cheat once for a perfect score, hoping others would overlook it, he still advanced to the final as Zoya considered Josie her most significant threat and eliminated her. In an incredible twist of fate, Joseph answered his final question correctly while Zoya provided an incorrect response – thus crowning Joseph with a prize of PS40,000!

Where Is Joseph Machta Now

Where Is Joseph Machta Now?

Joseph Machta is an esteemed paediatrician who was featured in the Netflix show ‘Cheat’. After graduating from the St. George’s University of London with his Bachelor’s in Medical Sciences, he worked as a Doctor and Research Scientist before specializing in pediatrics. Joseph has held positions at numerous renowned organizations and hospitals such as Whittington Health, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and Barnet Hospital; additionally, he has served on The London School of Paediatric Trainees’ Committee since 2019 while working part-time as social media editor for The BMJ magazine.

Joseph Machta currently resides in Finchley and works as a Paediatric Gastroenterology Registrar at The Royal London Hospital, Barts Health. Despite being one of London’s top pediatricians, he likes to balance his professional life with fun activities like being part of the pediatric parody band ColdSpray. Additionally, Joseph has overcome cancer twice and enjoys an incredible life with his loving wife and proud son.

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