Dr. Mario Gonzalez Murder: Where are Noel, Cristobal and Moises Galvan-Cerna Today?

Dr Mario Gonzalez Murder

Dr. Mario Gonzalez Murder: Where are Noel, Cristobal and Moises Galvan-Cerna Now? – While attempting to rob Dr. Mario Gonzalez at his residence, three intruders shot him down. Investigators quickly discovered that it was an inside job. Following an inquiry, Cristobal Galvan Cerna, 23, and Moises Galvan Cerna, 18, have been accused of killing Dr. Gonzalez. They are linked to a ranch worker who worked on the Bellville ranch owned by Dr. Gonzalez. Both males reportedly live here illegally, and Cristobal has an outstanding felony warrant in Harris County for aggravated sexual assault.

Murder Calls: Under Seige,” an episode on Investigation Discovery, recreates the day in August 2009 when the brave Dr. Mario Gonzalez lost his life while attempting to shoot his assailants in Bellville, Texas. If you want to learn more about his murder and the current whereabouts of his killer, keep reading.

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How Was Doctor Mario Gonzalez Killed

How Was Doctor Mario Gonzalez Killed?

The late Jorge Mario González Salvatierra and Madga Judith Zamora de González were the parents of Dr. Jorge Mario Gonzalez Zamora, MD, who was born in Guatemala City on February 17, 1953. He obtained his MD from Universidad de San Carlos in Guatemala City, Guatemala, in 1977, and then went on to Baylor College of Medicine to finish his fellowships in internal medicine, critical care, and pulmonary medicine. He received the proper appointments at the Baylor College of Medicine and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. A few years later, he opened his own practice as well.

On November 15, 2008, he wed Charleen Chuke at the Chuke family property in Bellville, Texas. Their firstborn, a boy named Mario Raphael Gonzalez, was born. Jorge was a funny and diligent man who enjoyed his tractor, ranching tools, taking walks with his son, and coming home to his wife’s homemade chicken soup. When they shifted downhill, another child was born in their house.

Around 12:15 pm on August 22, 2009, Charleen dialled 911 and spoke with a representative from the Bellville police department. “Some guys are in our house! My husband’s shooting at them!,” Charleen sobbed over the phone. The sound of gunfire can be heard in the background. Shortly, a team of police officers were dispatched to their house. When five police officers arrived at the isolated ranch at around 12:30 pm, they saw a young Hispanic man named Noel Galvan-Cerna sitting on the porch. It turned out that he was the couple’s ranch hand. He had received a gunshot wound to the arm, and the bullet had lodged in his chest.

The young child of the couple was also outside, sobbing. The authorities also discovered Jorge’s lifeless body on the ground, while Charleen was discovered sobbing in a locked toilet. They concentrated on Jorge after reconnecting with the mother and her child. The authorities believed that the brave doctor had an encounter with the attackers. And in the fight, the doctor was shot in the back with a.9mm. The murderers continued by firing a few more shots into his back.

Who Killed Dr. Mario Gonzalez

Who Commited the Murder of Dr. Mario Gonzalez?

Chris Rosales, one of the policemen, responded to Charleen’s 911 call as he arrived at the murder scene. A white Ford F150 pickup truck was rushing toward the area while he was close to the doctor’s ranch. Chris tried to halt the shooting after determining that it was involved based on its behaviour. However, a red Honda was pursuing the truck, and both vehicles were able to flee after the truck’s occupant fired a chrome gun at the Honda driver.

After arriving at the ranch from their home in Houston, Charleen described seeing attackers wearing black ski masks as she unpacked their truck. Jorge opted to use his .357 handgun to fight off the attackers as Charleen barricaded herself in the bathroom as she cried and fled inside the house. She added that the doctor had offered the injured Noel a position at his property and that he was their nanny, Esperanza’s son.

As they inspected the crime scene, the detectives found gloves, a hoodie, a roll of duct tape, and some black ski masks along the Gonzalezes’ property’s edge. The investigators appeared to have reached a dead end because neither had DNA evidence. However, thanks to a vigilant Texas Ranger, it was short-lived. Around an hour later, he arrived at the crime scene and saw a white pickup truck. He decided to write down the licence plate before heading to the crime site after hearing the description of the vehicles that fired shots at his colleague.

The investigators discovered Sergio Bustillo, Esperanza’s boyfriend, was listed as the owner of the license plate number. He shared a home with Esperanza, Noel, his two sisters, Moises, his younger brother, and Cristóbal, his older brother. After questioning him, the police discovered that Moises and Cristóbal had borrowed Sergio’s truck on the morning of the murder. The two were apprehended on August 27, 2009, after the police located them using their cell phone data.

The brothers admitted to holding Jorge’s family captive to steal his money, but they denied that Noel was involved. Sergio and Esperanza supported this. However, the authorities also discovered that their cousin, Misael Santollo, was implicated due to a mistake Cristóbal made during questioning. He had a red Honda as well. Misael was apprehended on September 1, 2009, after his phone records were used to track him down.

Misael was the one who acknowledged that Noel had come up with the entire scheme. Additionally, the authorities discovered incriminating security footage from a nearby McDonald’s that proved Noel was, in fact, with his siblings and cousin before the shootout. When they learned Charleen had phoned 911, the robbery was stopped.

Where are Moises Galvan-Cerna, Cristobal, and Noel Now
Noel, Cristobal and Moises Galvan-Cerna

Where are Moises Galvan-Cerna, Cristobal, and Noel Now?

The four men who were detained faced capital murder charges. Since the police would have needed sufficient evidence to identify the triggerman to pursue the death penalty positively, they could not do so. As part of plea agreements, Moises and Misael received 50 and 38 years in jail, respectively. According to statistics from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Moises will be eligible for parole in 2034. Misael will be eligible for parole in 2028 while he is incarcerated in Memorial Unit (DA) in Brazoria County, Texas.

However, because the authorities believed Noel to be the most responsible party and Cristóbal to be the shooter, both Noel and Cristóbal were charged with capital murder. In February 2012, Cristóbal was tried, found guilty, and sentenced to life in prison without the chance of release. He is currently completing his sentence at a Texas prison.

In November 2012, Noel went to trial after rejecting a plea bargain. He was also found guilty of capital murder and given a life sentence without the chance of release. According to official court records, he is being detained in a prison cell at the John B. Connally Unit in Karnes County, Texas.

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