Where is AND1’s Grayson Boucher aka The Professor Now?

Where is Grayson Boucher aka The Professor Now

Where is AND1’s Grayson Boucher aka The Professor Today? – Grayson Boucher, an American streetball and former semi-pro basketball player, rose to prominence in streetball after landing a regular slot on the AND1 mixtape tour.

Boucher, who was born in Keizer, Oregon, played basketball in high school for McNary High School before transferring to Salem Academy. Boucher was skilled, but at 5′ 10″, he was undersized. As a result, he did not receive any college offers, and he eventually enrolled in community college.

The commentator for AND1 streetball games, Duke Tango, gave Grayson Boucher the moniker “The Professor.”

The newest documentary on Netflix, “Untold: The Rise and Fall of AND1,” relates the tale of what transpired and how, in the course of a few years, AND1 went from controlling the game’s core to becoming culturally irrelevant.

Kevin Wilson, Jr., who also directed the critically praised short ‘My Nephew Emmett’ in 2017, also directed “The Rise and Fall of AND1.” Wilson, Jr. was our subject as we talked with him about capturing this period of basketball history and the value of objectivity in his writing.

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Who Is Grayson The Professor Boucher

Who Is Grayson “The Professor” Boucher?

Grayson “The Professor” Scott Boucher was born on June 10, 1984, and is an American streetball player, actor, and former semi-pro basketball player. He is best known for performing on the highly acclaimed AND1 Mixtape Tour, which travels worldwide. He has also had appearances in a number of films, most notably Ball Don’t Lie. Boucher’s jersey number is 12, and he is 5’10” and weighs 145 pounds (178 cm, 66 kg).

Boucher graduated with honors from Salem Academy in the neighborhood after transferring from McNary High School. In high school, he received zero offers from colleges. Boucher played basketball while a student at Chemeketa Community College after graduating from high school.

Boucher joined the Salem Stampede of the International Basketball League on February 9, 2006. During the 2007–2008 season, Boucher was a member of the Continental Basketball Association’s Atlanta Krunk.

Boucher and his brother went as fans to Portland, Oregon’s AND1 Mixtape Tour stop. When Boucher learned that there was an “open run” tryout for the tour, he applied and was accepted. By the summer of 2009, Boucher was a vital component of the tour’s marketing, appearing in numerous advertisements and on the website’s home page.

In addition to appearing in seven seasons of Streetball on ESPN, five mixtape DVDs, four AND1 commercials, and an AND1 video game, he has played in over 30 nations. Boucher engages in competitive chess, even while touring.

Boucher participated in streetball for Ball Up after he left AND1 in January 2011. In late 2008, he met Demetrius Spencer, the CEO of Ball Up. The Ball Up Tour, which contrasts with the AND1 tour, which shows more behind-the-scenes footage, includes the majority of the players from the AND1 Mixtape Tour and emphasizes more on the on-court action. Over ten countries were visited during the worldwide tour, and a winter tour of the United States was scheduled.

Boucher has exploited his fame to play basketball players in many movies. He appeared in the extra features of the DVD version of the Will Ferrell movie Semi-Pro as a point guard on the opposition team in the movie’s last game. In the Ball Don’t Lie movie based on the same-named novel, Boucher played Sticky, the main character. Although the movie was finished and screened across the country at various film festivals, it was never formally released.

Where Is Grayson “The Professor” Boucher Today?

Despite being a relatively recent addition to the AND1 streetball group, Grayson Boucher was one of the players who received the most marketing attention.

Since then, Boucher has enjoyed a prosperous acting career. He also has a YouTube channel with 6.8 million subscribers, where he regularly produces vlogs, highlight mixes, and tutorials.

Additionally, Boucher played Spider-Man in a web series he made on YouTube. In the show, he traveled to numerous basketball courts in the Los Angeles region dressed as a superhero to play against unaware opponents. Within a week of its upload, the first episode had received 14 million YouTube views. It was highlighted on the ESPN website, and Shaquille O’Neal further popularised it by tweeting the video to his followers.

Jamal Crawford, an NBA standout, was included in the third episode, and preparations were also made to include other well-known basketball players. Another street basketball player, Larry “Bone Collector” Williams, who assumed the identity of the well-known Marvel Comics character Captain America, was featured in the show’s fourth episode. In the sixth episode, Deadpool was played by a basketball player. In the seventh episode of the series, a basketball player dressed as Carnage and another player dressed as Boucher squared off.

Another ball-handling manual that Boucher released is “Super-Human Dribbling,” a web tutorial that can be downloaded online and includes Boucher’s exercises.

In addition to mixtapes of him competing in local basketball leagues, Boucher now has his own YouTube channel where he uploads instructional films, funny movies, and other interesting basketball-related videos.

Boucher experienced potentially career-ending total non-contact Achilles tendon damage in April 2019. During the early phases of therapy, he also experienced accidental acetaminophen and hydrocodone overdoses, but as of June 2020, he had fully recovered. He continued to upload videos to YouTube from before the injury that were not dated during his recuperation period and chose to wait to announce the injury until August 2020, when his recovery was complete.

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