Is Rodney Scott Based on a Real-Life Memorial Patient? Where is Scott Now?

Is Rodney Scott Based on a Real Patient

Is Rodney Scott Based on a Real-Life Memorial Patient? Where is Rodney Scott Now? – On August 12, 2022, Vera Farminga’s new medical drama, Five Days at Memorial, will premiere on Apple TV+. The miniseries portrays the many obstacles and difficulties people at a hospital in New Orleans endured in the wake of the terrible Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

The play also prominently features Adepero Oduye, Cornelius Smith Jr., and many more, in addition to Vera Farminga.

One word that defines the glorious chapter of Five Days at Memorial’s fifth episode is desperate. The hospital is in a dire state. There is a severe shortage of food and water and other necessary things. Outside, there is anguish. Additionally, those working on the rescue effort are in serious need of time.

Officials at Memorial Hospital conclude that evacuating people who can walk independently should be given priority, leaving numerous patients, including Rodney Scott, as the last priority. They predict that it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to extract Scott through the hole created for helicopter evacuations because he weighs more than 300 pounds. So if you are wondering that Rodney Scott is real life patient or fake, keep reading to know.

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Is Rodney Scott Based on a Real Memorial Patient

Is Rodney Scott Based on a Real-Life Memorial Patient?

Yes, the character of Rodney Scott is based on a REAL obese I.C.U. patient who was recovering from cardiac issues and multiple surgeries and who was covered in sweat and nearly nothing else while lying motionless on a stretcher. Because he weighed more than 300 pounds and might become stuck in the machine-room hole, which would cause the evacuation line to back up, a doctor decided that he should be the last patient to leave the hospital. Cook touched Scott to confirm his death because he believed him to be dead. But Scott rolled over and turned to face him.

 Scott said, “I’m O.K., Doc. Go take care of somebody else.”

Ewing Cook (senior physicians) added that he thought there was no way to do what he had been considering in this crowded room, notwithstanding how miserable the patients appeared. He explained, “We didn’t do it because we had too many witnesses,” he told me. “That’s the honest-to-God truth.”

As night struck, rumours began to circulate that evacuations would end for the evening due to shots being fired at rescue workers.

Thanks to boats and helicopters, nearly every patient and visitor left the hospital throughout the course of the day. The obese I.C.U. patient, Rodney Scott, who was recovering from surgery and having cardiac issues, finally felt himself being lifted up the open metal steps to the helicopter at around 9 o’clock. Scott was the last patient to leave the hospital, and he was unable to walk and weighed more than 300 pounds. He was relieved. “Push! Push!” the four guys encircling him yelled as they rolled his bulky wheelchair into a Coast Guard aircraft. A nurse was briefly crushed against the chopper and suffered rib and spleen injuries, yet evacuating someone as big as Scott was necessary.

Scott’s ordeals continued as he was transported separately to Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.

Where is Rodney Scott Now

Where Is Rodney Scott Now?

The patient, Rodney Scott, who Ewing Cook initially believed to be dead, is still alive.

Scott feels fortunate to be around his loved ones. He claims to be a former nurse and does not know whether euthanasia took place at Memorial, but if it did, he wonders what the medical staff might have been thinking. He recently said, “How can you say euthanasia is better than evacuation?” he asked me not long ago. “If they have vital signs,” he said, “get ’em out. Let God make that decision.”

Rodney Scott was said to have been residing in a Louisiana village in St. Tammany Parish since 2009.

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