Netflix’s ‘Sex/Life’ Season 2 – Is Wallis Day Pregnant in Real Life?

Is Wallis Day pregnant in real life
Sex/Life. Wallis Day as Gigi in episode 203 of Sex/Life. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

Wallis Day in Sex/Life Season 2 – Sex/Life is an American drama streaming television series created by Stacy Rukeyser for Netflix. The series is inspired by the novel 44 Chapters About 4 Men by BB Easton, which premiered on June 25, 2021. In September 2021, the series was renewed for a second season which was released on March 2, 2023.

However, the second installment of the series featured a new cast member. In Season 2, Wallis Day portrays Gigi, the pregnant girlfriend of, Brad. However, her pregnant stomach in Sex/Life appears so realistic that some viewers may question whether she is genuinely pregnant. The good news is that we have access to complete data.

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Wallis Day Character 'Gigi' in Season 2

Wallis Day Character ‘Gigi’ in Season 2 of Sex/Life

At the beginning of the second season of Sex/Life, Brad meets a new woman. But their situation is a bit more complex than that. Gigi, his model girlfriend, is expecting their first child, and the couple cannot wait to start a family.

Brad has not yet recovered from Billie’s rejection of his proposal a few months earlier, but he is rushing to settle down with his current girlfriend. In reality, during the second season, Brad proposes to the lady who will bear his child.

In Season 2 of Sex/Life, Brad and Gigi share many really steamy sexual encounters. Viewers may also question Gigi’s pregnancy due to the show’s propensity for explicit depictions of bare skin. Does this indicate Wallis Day is pregnant?

Is Wallis Day Pregnant in Real Life too?

In Season 2 of Sex/Life, Gigi’s stomach is astonishingly accurate. Yet, the actor portraying her is Not really pregnant. During an Instagram live Q&A, Wallis Day addressed the pregnancy controversy that emerged in Season 2 of the Netflix drama.

About her portrayal of Gigi, Wallis noted, “That wasn’t my actual stomach.” It turns out that those were not even her natural breasts. British actress, 28 years old: “These are artificial limbs,” she stated. The morning prosthesis was completed in seven hours.

Luckily, Wallis’s character on the set of Sex/Life did not require the daily use of prosthetics. “We frequently donned a fake stomach,” she disclosed. “While they were not as heavy, they nevertheless hurt my feet. Throughout my pregnancy, I wore a strap that resembled a baby’s belly.

You can stream “Sex/Life” Season 2 on Netflix.

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