Are Monique and Derek From ‘Love After Lockup’ Still Together?

 Monique and Derek From ‘Love After Lockup’ – Couples on “Love After Lockup,” a show rumored to be a spinoff of WE Tv’s “Life After Lockup,” deal with dating and relationships after one partner has served time in jail.

As soon as Monique and Derek were introduced in Season 5, they became the primary focus of the show. Due to the size difference between Monique and Derek, their love story has gone global. Derek, a small man, acknowledges that he has no problem with Monique’s size, and he is utterly enamoured with the lovely plus-size woman. Monique, a reality TV star, has spoken out about being abused on social media after the media and Derek’s family grew obsessed with her weight.

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Are Monique and Derek Still Together

Are Monique and Derek Still Together?

Before he was released from prison, Derek was aware that his Love After Lockup partner had ample curves. He expressed his desire for Monique and their relationship to flourish and even attempted to guide her toward more responsible decisions. A recent episode of “Love After Lockup” featured the couple working out together. According to Monique, she and Derek had become accustomed to exercising together. Monique worried throughout the entire season about what Derek would think of her once he was released from prison. She lied about being concerned that he would reject her due to her size.

Derek has made it abundantly clear on social media that he adores Monique. It required plenty of guts for them to reveal their cohabitation on the reality show Love After Lockup. The first year of Monique and Derek’s marriage is covered. Monique is monitoring Derek’s home surveillance and phone systems. Derek hopes that Monique will cease her aloofness and begin conversing with him. As the season develops, it becomes evident that there are issues with keeping order.

Why does Monique lack Confidence in Derek?

Immediately upon Derek’s release from jail, a suspicious automobile began to follow them. Derek asserted that he did not recognize the motorist, but he and Monique from Love After Lockup suspect that it was an ex-lover. Derek aspires to reconnect with his ex-girlfriend now that he is free. Monique cannot comprehend, given his brazen demeanor, why he would be concerned about bringing someone back to his grandmother’s place. Due to their mutual mistrust, their future as a relationship could be better.

Nonetheless, they will undoubtedly appear in the Life After Lockup season of 2023. It is likely that Monique and Derek will remain together despite his infidelity and her trust concerns.

Why does Monique Sets Up Cameras in Derek's Room

Why does Monique Sets Up Cameras in Derek’s Room?

Monique and Derek visit Derek’s grandma and other families in the unaired footage. Monique searches prospective sites to hide hidden cameras because she knows Derek will be alone in his room while she is in Chicago. She must collect her belongings and return to Cleveland so that they can live together permanently. But, she doubts that her lover will act rationally in her absence. Derek is then overheard remarking to a member of his family that Monique has been “strong” during their relationship while he has been incarcerated. It has yet to occur to him that their relationship may not be as strong as he believes. Monique tells the producers, “I want to see if I can find good places to place the cameras so I can keep an eye on him while I’m at home in Chicago.”

When Monique and Derek First Met

Monique and Derek first met on Facebook, and she messaged him first. Monique was compelled to approach Derek after seeing his image everywhere. As soon as he saw Monique, Derek realized he was in love with her and desired a meaningful relationship with her. They have been together for two years with no symptoms of separation. Yet, there are skeptics in the family. Monique’s social circle is also dissatisfied with her romantic life and her connection with Derek. Nobody has ever met the other in person. Monique is concerned about Derek’s reaction, as he is a fitness enthusiast, and she lied to him about sharing his passion for fitness. Nonetheless, Monique blames her decision to have weight loss surgery on Derek.

Was Derek unfaithful to Monique

Was Derek unfaithful to Monique? What is occurring in “Love After Lockup” is dissected.

Days after his release from prison, Derek renewed a friendship with an old acquaintance with whom he engages in occasional sexual intercourse.

After Monique discovers Derek’s texts to another lady, there is tension between Monique and Derek; nevertheless, in “Fresh Out Glow,” the couple makes an effort to reconcile. Derek must apologize to Monique’s sisters before meeting with Monique.

In an exclusive scene from Love After Lockup, Distractify interrogates him in an attempt to elicit the truth. Derek’s defensiveness is to be expected when he is questioned. “She presumably told you her side of the story, and now you want to hear mine,” he says in the video.

Then, he asserts that he is not the only one acting badly in their relationship. “We were going through it with my sisters, and y’all were arguing; then she started disrespecting me, and I starting disrespecting her,” he told Monique’s sisters.

Monique stated that she had referred to Derek as a jackass on multiple occasions. Nonetheless, she clarified, “I was not cheating.”

Derek continued by stating that he had already disclosed to Monique that he was conversing with another woman… Simply, he did not disclose that the other individual was a different woman. They are still speaking, but it appears they are going nowhere.

He said, “She’s doing bull s**t too, she lying,” which was typical Derek.

 You can watch Love After Lockup every Friday at 9:00 p.m. on WE TV.

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