Kelly Danaher Murder Case: Where Is Raul Rodriguez Today?

Kelly Danaher Murder
Rodriguez shot and killed his neighbor Kelly Danaher (left). He was survived by his wife Mindy (right)

Kelly Danaher Murder – During an argument about loud music in 2010, a Texas man was found guilty of killing his neighbour, elementary school teacher Kelly Danaher, 36. Rodriguez, 50, was given a life sentence in 2015.

Kelly Danaher, an elementary school teacher, was fatally murdered in front of his own home in May of 2010. The murder took place during a birthday party, which terrified the citizens of Huffman, Texas. ‘Fear Thy Neighbor: Neighbors on a Dead End,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, paints a detailed picture of the murder and demonstrates how the police were able to apprehend the offender.

If you want to discover more about the Kelly Danaher murder case and find out where Kelly’s killer is right now, we’ve got you covered.

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Kelly Danaher Murder Case
Danaher, who taught physical education at an elementary school, was survived by his daughter Peri.

Kelly Danaher’s Cause of Death

Kelly Danaher and his wife and daughter lived in the quiet hamlet of Huffman in Harris County, Texas. They were a happy family, and the 36-year-generosity old’s and helpfulness were commended by neighbours. Kelly was also known for being friendly, according to people who knew him, and he had no long-standing feuds.

Kelly was a PE teacher at an elementary school and was looking forward to getting away from the city for a while. Unfortunately, he was completely unaware of the disaster that was about to occur him.

On May 1, 2010, Kelly was celebrating the birthdays of his wife and daughter, Mindy and Peri Danaher, and the entire community was in a celebratory mood. Kelly’s immediate neighbour, former firefighter Raul Rodriguez, was irritated by the celebrations that lasted all day. Raul filed a report and had law enforcement personnel visit Kelly’s home numerous times after that.

When the party didn’t finish, an exhausted and enraged Raul decided to take matters into his own hands and went to the victim’s house with a revolver, a camera, and a smartphone. Kelly saw the beginnings of a problem, and the show said that a few people had a heated debate with Raul Rodriguez. People tried to get Raul to leave the party despite his continued recording.

Eventually, those present on the scene heard thunderous gunshots as Kelly dropped on the ground right in front of their eyes. He was found at the end of the driveway, bleeding from a gunshot wound, and was quickly pronounced dead. An autopsy later revealed that the victim died as a result of being shot at close range.

Who Killed Kelly Danaher
Raul Rodriguez, 50, was found guilty on Friday of Kelly Danaher murder by a Texas jury in Harris County

Who Killed Kelly Danaher and Why?

Everyone there immediately pointed to Raul Rodriguez as the only suspect when law enforcement personnel arrived on the scene. For starters, he seemed irritated by the celebration and had attempted to halt it. He was also the only one who carried a gun to Kelly’s house before getting into a violent argument with a couple of her guests.

Raul did not dispute shooting Kelly, but claimed that he did it in self-defense. He stated that his life was in danger, and he even gave officers a video clip from the party in which he discussed how he felt endangered there. He also cited Texas’ Stand Your Ground statute, stating that he was within his rights to protect himself if he was threatened. Despite this, the police had no choice but to arrest him  in Kelly Danaher murder and bring him to trial for the shooting.

Where Is Raul Rodriguez Now
Raul was convicted of Kelly Danaher murder and sentenced to life in prison in 2015

What Has Happened to Raul Rodriguez and Where Is He Now?

Raul Rodriguez pleaded not guilty after being brought to court, insisting that he had acted in self-defense. However, the jury did not agree with him, and he was found guilty of Kelly Danaher murder and sentenced to 40 years in prison in 2012. Surprisingly, Raul was able to get his conviction overturned and a new trial after just serving two years.

Raul was convicted of Kelly Danaher murder and sentenced to life in prison in his second trial in 2015 for Kelly Danaher murder. Raul is currently imprisoned at the John M. Wynne Unit in Huntsville, Texas, and is set to be eligible for parole in 2043.

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