Murder of Molly Watson: Where is ‘Melanie Addie’ These Days?

Melanie Addie

The writers of ABC News’ ‘20/20: Murder of Molly Watson‘ have chosen to focus on the tragic murder of Molly Watson, 35, in Missouri.

She appeared to have everything going for her, with a decent job and imminent wedding, only to be brutally murdered in April 2018.

The investigators then started looking into her soon-to-be husband, James Addie. Unfortunately, they soon discovered he had been married to Melanie Addie for two decades.

So, shall we learn more about what happened and why Melanie’s testimony was so important?

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Melanie Addie Trail Photo

Melanie Addie, Who is She?

When the cops discovered James had been Molly’s lover for almost seven years, they tracked him down to his Santa Fe, Missouri location.

The authorities realised James was living a second life at that point. In Santa Fe, he lived with his wife and daughter while maintaining a covert connection with Molly.

Melanie subsequently revealed that she found out about her husband’s infidelity on April 28, 2018, only hours after Molly died, and that it completely turned her life upside down.

Melanie had divorced James by the time James’ trial rolled around. In April 2021, she testified against James, claiming that he left home at 7 p.m. on the night of the murder while she went to bed around half an hour later.

At around 2:30 a.m., the officials came to their house and told her what had transpired. Melanie later recalled that she had not seen James’ jacket on that particular night.

Melanie Addie With Her Husband

Melanie scoured their house for more information in the hopes of learning more. “I just wanted to see if there was anything else that I could find,” she stated in court.

I discovered a few cartons containing Molly’s belongings. I discovered a lockable chest with a photo album inside when I opened it.”

The photos in this collection were taken while James and Molly were on vacation in Florida. He told Melanie that the travel to Florida was for a work assignment at the time, even handing her a letter from his place of business.

Furthermore, the wedding planner testified to receiving an email five days before James and Molly’s planned wedding saying James’ ex-wife died over the weekend.

Who is Melanie Addie

Melanie Addie, Where Is She Now?

Melanie also mentioned another vacation James went to Mexico with several pals during the trial.

Melanie and James’ financial issues were brought up by the defence, and she indicated that all she wanted was for him to be more responsible when it came to spending.

Melanie’s evidence was ultimately vital in proving that James was living a second life that she was unaware of.

Melanie appears to have stayed out of the spotlight after the trial. According to our information, the alleged former substitute instructor currently resides in Missouri.