Mykal-Michelle Harris Success Story, Bio, Age, Parents & Net Worth

Mykal-Michelle Harris Success Story, Bio, Age, Parents & Net Worth

It all started with a Facebook video that went viral in 2015 for Mykal-Michelle Harris. Since her mother posted the film, it has received millions of views and has aided her in establishing a career as an actress.

Mykal-Michelle now stars in the ABC sitcom “Mixed-ish” as one of the main characters.

Mykal-Michelle Harris Age


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Biography of Mykal-Michelle Harris

When did Mykal-Michelle Harris get her start?

She was born in Delran, Burlington County, New Jersey, on March 6, 2012.

Mykal-Michelle Harris Age?

Harris, Mykal-Michelle, is 10 years old.

What is Mykal-Michelle Harris’s height?

Mykal-Michelle Harris stands at 3 feet 5 inches tall.

Mykal-Michelle Harris With Her Father Mother And Family

Who are the Real Parents of Mykal-Michelle Harris?

Her mother’s name is Kimberly J. Harris, and her father’s name is Greg Harris. Mykal-Michelle Harris has three half-siblings in her family. Julian is the name of one of his older brothers.

Is there a sister for Mykal-Michelle?

Her name is not in the public domain; however, she has a sister who appears in several of the family portraits. Are Mykal-Michelle and Tahani sisters? They are not sisters, but LOL, Surprise co-stars. Mykal-race Michelle’s and educational background are kept under wraps.

Mykal-Michelle Harris Career

She realised her love for acting while still a child. So, how did Mykal-Michelle Harris become so well-known?

Her mother, Kimberly J. Harris, posted a video called Like Serena when she was three years old, and it went popular on Facebook, launching her acting career.

She appeared on multiple TV shows after the video went viral, including The Huffington Post, ESPN, Good Morning America, & Little Big Shots.

Since then, the young actress has been in several advertisements and runway events. Since beginning her acting career, she has landed a number of roles.

Michelle appeared in episodes of HBO’s Big Little Lies and Showtime’s The Affair on a regular basis.

She also appeared in Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You 25th-anniversary video.

However, it was when she was cast in the role of Santamonica Johnson in Mixed-Ish that she received the most significant break in her acting career.

She’s also known for her parts in films, including A Kid Called Mayonnaise, Bikini Moon, The Substitute, The Karma Club, LOL Surprise, and a number of festival shorts.

Michelle has also been cast in the Disney original film Cheaper by the Dozen, which will be released in 2022.

Trivia & Facts about Mykal-Michelle Harris

  • She is a huge fan of unicorns, especially pink & purple ones.
  • She adores L.O.L. Surprises, a company known for its trendy cartoonish dolls.
  • Harris volunteers whenever she has the opportunity.
  • Harris loves to sleep.
  • She encourages everyone to “be yourself” and chase their aspirations.
  • According to her, Mariah Carey is the coolest person she’s ever met.

How Much Money Does Mykal-Michelle Harris Have – Net Worth?

Mykal-Michelle made a name for herself as a kid actress. The child actress has amassed a substantial fortune over the course of her career.

So, how much money does she have in 2021? Her estimated net worth is $2 million.

The majority of her net worth is derived from the earnings she has received as a result of the acting parts she has landed since beginning her career.

Mykal’s net worth is projected to rise in the coming years as she pursues her goals.

Mykal-Michelle Harris has risen through the ranks of her profession to become one of Hollywood’s most well-known child actresses.

This is due to the numerous acting roles she has landed since she began acting. The young skilled actress has a bright career ahead of her since there is a good chance she will land more performing roles.

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