My True Crime Story: Where is LaCola Nickens Today?

Who is LaCola Nickens

My True Crime Story episode (season 2, episode 2) – Where is LaCola Nickens Now? – “My True Crime Story,” a documentary series on VH1, examines the terrifying experiences of people caught up in complex criminal circumstances. The program, which rapper Remy Ma hosts, sits down with victims (and perpetrators) of these evil deeds so they can finally tell their tales to the public. This gripping VH1 series offers first-person experiences from the world outside the law, covering everything from credit card scams and love-addled robberies to drug trafficking and escort services.

In the My True Crime Story episode (season 2, episode 2), LaCola Nickens and her background as a criminal are introduced to viewers. LaCola was a member of an infamous identity theft ring that drastically altered the lives of countless victims. Here is everything we know about what happened to her and where she might be right now.

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Where is LaCola Nickens Now

Who Is LaCola Nickens?

LaCola Nickens participated in a criminal organization run by Marylander Michael Oginni. Thecinemaholic said that Andraliesha Jefferson and Robert McCrickard also attended with this group. According to reports, Michael has a history of deception, with criminal convictions dating back to the 1990s in the United Kingdom. They have spent the past twenty years trying to dodge new security measures on credit cards to prevent fraudulent use of credit cards. Michael had a terrible temper and often used it to intimidate his employees.

LaCola participated in Michael’s conspiracy, which lasted for nearly two years. They used custom driver’s licenses with pictures of the people part of the ring. However, the names and addresses of the numerous victims they cheated were listed on these licenses. After the permits were printed, the group would sign leases for apartments in Northern Virginia and Washington, DC.

The group would then use these new addresses to open new bank accounts and fake credit cards. The victim will not be aware of these counterfeit cards as the accompanying mail will be sent to the new address only. The group then used credit cards to purchase luxury goods and gift cards, charging several million dollars.

Federal officials concluded that the conspiracy affected more than 50 people and caused more than $850,000 in damage in fraudulent transactions between 2015 and 2017.

Where is LaCola Nickens Now?

In July 2018, LaCola received a one-year prison term for her participation in the plot. The penalties for the others varied as well. In April 2019, she was released from federal prison. LaCola currently appears to be avoiding difficulties. She used to work for Purdue University Global in Indiana and now resides in the Washington, DC-Baltimore (Maryland) area.

In addition, LaCola headed Infinite Black Entertainment before her incarceration. She looks to regain control of her life today by competing in singing contests and hunting for new employment. LaCola spends her free time playing sports, traveling, shopping, and cooking.

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