The Post-Truth World Ending Explained: Who Killed Wang Shi-yun?

The Post-Truth World ending explained

The Post-Truth World Ending Explained – Over seven years after the incident, a condemned baseball player gets out of prison to establish his innocence in “The Post-Truth World,” a Taiwanese thriller film. Joseph Chang’s Liu Li-min, a needy journalist, helps him out during this time.

The film stars Edward Chen as Chang Cheng-Yi, Caitlin Fang, Aviis Zhong, Amber An, Shih Chih-tian, and Chan Tzu-hsuan; it was directed by Chen I-fu. In addition, the entire length of the film is 120 minutes.

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The Post-Truth World story

“The World After Truth” Brief Synopsis: What Happens in the Movie?

Wang Shih-yun, a high school student, was shot and killed in the stadium in 2012 during the Asia League Series. The murderer poured hydrochloric acid (HCL) on the body after stabbing her in the abdomen and trying to dispose of the body as quickly as possible. Police determined that Zhang Zheng-yi, her boyfriend, was responsible for her death. Before Shih-yun passed away, the two disagreed, and Shih-yun was known for having a short fuse. It was determined that he killed his lover in a fit of fury. Further supporting their suspicion, the authorities discovered DNA under Shih-yun’s fingernails. For his crimes, Zhang Zheng-yi was put behind bars for the remainder of his life. No one in the court believed his denials of guilt.

Liu Li-min, a journalist who previously worked on the show “Dissecting the Society,” is currently producing a program with a similar focus called “True Standpoint.” He was responsible for every part of the show on his own because of a lack of resources and funding. After the passing of his wife and colleague, Ya-jing, he was unable to return to work for two years. Li-min skipped a meeting with a major producer to interview notorious gangster Uncle Xiao in prison.

Zhang Zheng-yi put into action the strategy that he and Uncle Xiao had been formulating for the past few months, all the while Li-min was concentrating on his interview with the gangster who had been in up for twenty years. We learn that Li-uncle min’s Xiao tried to get in touch with him but was met with silence when he paid a visit. Suddenly, Uncle Xiao and Zhang Zheng-yi began attacking the room’s security guards. Zhang Zheng-yi threatened Li-min after he had overpowered the jail guards and was about to attempt an escape. He was able to get away unharmed by hiding in his car.

The two were having a chat when Li-min began taping it live. He knew he was taking a risk by breaking the internet, but he was willing to take that risk to get people talking about his YouTube channel. Zheng-yi quickly realized the situation and discarded the phone. Li-min was eager to prove to Zheng-yi that he stood out from the crowd of reporters by doing something unconventional. He wasn’t looking for precise figures, but rather, he wanted to know the reality. Zheng-yi forcibly ejected him from the vehicle and drove off. Having met Zheng-yi, Li-min shot to fame almost immediately. He relished the spotlight at last, but his daughter was ecstatic to see her dad pop up in videos all over the web.

Li-min recalled how his wife had faith in him to find out the truth and be honest on-screen. When Ya-cancer jing’s treatment began to weaken her body, she asked him to continue working toward their objective while she focused on getting better. Li-min was sure that Zheng-yi was not the killer after reading several accounts and discovering that he did not attempt to flee the scene. Knowing that everyone was against Zheng-yi, Li-min yet chose to seek the truth and concentrate on demonstrating his innocence.

Who Killed Wang Shi-yun

The Post-Truth World Ending Explained: Who Killed Wang Shi-yun?

Li-min was confused about why the older woman lied to him after he learned that the CCTV had been destroyed to conceal the drug transaction. While visiting the retirement facility, they entered her grandson, Zeng Jing-an, who was sitting close to his grandmother’s bed. He admitted to the murder and said he planned to surrender to authorities. On the way to the police station, Jing-an told the officer that he had witnessed the drug deal while cleaning soda out of his clothes in the restroom that night. Shih-yun (who had taken drugs to prove the drug cartel notion to Ya-jing) panicked and stole Ya-phone jing’s when he went into the bathroom. She was afraid he would report her to the authorities.

She panicked and, in an attempt to defend herself from Jing-an, smacked herself with the thing in her hand. His janitor grandma instructed him to dispose of the dead by dousing it in hydrochloric acid. Zheng-yi was so enraged that he took Jing-an to the ballpark and beat him up many times. Li-best min’s efforts to persuade him otherwise were fruitless. After Jing-an abducted him, Li-Min claimed to the press that Zheng-yi had to kill him. Zheng-yi’s life may not have been spared if he hadn’t taken that risk. In his mind, Zheng-yi deserved forgiveness because his actions were self-defense related. According to the news broadcast, Shih-yun died after Jing-an attempted to force himself on her.

What Li-Min advertised on his program was very different from reality. Zheng-yi’s anger got the best of him, and he ended up killing Jing-an. Instead of allowing a fair trial, he decided to handle the situation on his own. But Li-min couldn’t believe the man he had been rooting for to prove his innocence was actually capable of murder. He was a threat to society even if he was innocent of his girlfriend’s murder. Rather than standing up for truth, he became a victim of the media’s version of justice. Because of him, the case was reopened, and his story centered on Zheng-yi’s presumed innocence.

He feared that contradicting his story would hurt his reputation, so he opted to propagate false information instead. The real killer is revealed to him during the mid-credit scene. It wasn’t Jing-an who killed Shih-yun; it was his grandma. There was a lot of ambient noise in both recordings, the one from Shih-phone yun’s and the one from Li-initial min’s encounter with the elderly lady. Due to her polio, she had to wear a cast on her leg, which made a distinctive sound. To close the case, Li-min erased the audio recording. To spare her the humiliation, her grandson assumed full responsibility.

Zeng Jing-an should not have been executed, and he was entitled to a public trial. The media’s tendency to sensationalize events and then pass judgment on them, as discussed in “The Post-Truth World,” has real-world consequences on people’s worldviews. The media routinely spread false information, which is why we have a legal system to investigate and punish those responsible. The truth was never revealed; instead, Li-min fed the audience his own version of events. Li-min swore he’d never follow the crowd, yet he spread rumors and covered for a criminal instead.

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