How Did Liu Li-Min’s Wife ‘Xu Ya-jing’ Die in The Post-Truth World?

How Did Liu Li-Min’s Wife Die in The Post-Truth World

How Did Liu Li-Min’s Wife ‘Xu Ya-jing’ Die? – With its many twists and turns, “The Post-Truth World,” a crime mystery movie from Taiwan, will keep you on edge until the end. Aviis Zhong portrays Xu Ya-jing, Liu Li-wife, Min, who plays a significant role in the Taiwanese film “The Post-Truth World” on Netflix. She plays a crucial part in the story’s progression, even though she is dead for most of the movie. In 2019, journalist Liu Li-min, who had previously worked on “Dissecting the Society,” was engaged in similar work on the “True Standpoint.” Two years passed following his wife and fellow journalist Ya-jing’s passing before he could resume his business. We have the information you need if you’re wondering how Ya-jing passed away in “The Post-Truth World.”

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How Did Xu Ya-jing Die

How Did Xu Ya-jing Die?

After breaking out of jail, Zheng-yi gets in touch with Shih-Yun’s brother. Even though her brother publicly criticized Zheng-yi, he didn’t think Zheng-Yi was to blame for his sister’s death. He told Zheng-yi that he had discovered her possessions, including a passbook, and that the account contained $60,000. He found a phone that he had no idea his sister used, together with the passbook. Zheng-yi was given the phone, and he told him that his father had burned the passbook. While Zheng-yi attempted to unlock the phone, Li-min met with a witness who had firsthand knowledge of the incident.

The older woman was cared after by her grandson and resided in an assisted living facility. Even though her memory was vague and unreliable, she lost her composure when Li-min pressed her about Zheng-yi and apologized for hurting him. The elderly mother passed out as he pushed for further information, and his grandson requested them to go. Li-min wanted to apologize to Zheng-yi because she believed that perhaps the witnesses in the case had been bought off.

A press proposal written by Ya-jing accusing Zheng-yi of using drugs during his high school tournament was found by Zheng-yi after he unlocked the secret phone. He contacted Li-min to get the truth and threatened to kill his daughter if he did not explain why his wife intended to write a false story. Li-min was unaware of the proposition, but he agreed to examine her records and ascertain the truth. He learned from her planner that she had intended to meet “SY&L” at the crime scene on the day of the murder.

During his investigation, he also learned that she had purchased cocaine. However, the reality was far different from what it seemed, and Li-min had never anticipated that his late wife would be engaged in the case. He deduced that “SY” stood for Shih-Yun, but he still didn’t know what “L” stood for. According to his editor, ya-jing was looking into an instance of drug peddling at a school, but she halted, and the story was never released. Li-min speculated that Shih-yun might have been involved in drug use, but Zheng-yi found it incomprehensible.

They eventually discovered that Zheng-yi’s drink included performance-enhancing chemicals and that Shih-yun’s father had pushed her to add a specific protein supplement to it. Zheng-yi was never his favorite person, and he wanted to ruin his profession to break up with Shih-yun. He thought Zheng-yi was the reason Shih-yun got lost because her autopsy proved she had used an overdose of drugs the day she died. Therefore, Ya-jing was on the correct road when she wrote the proposal, so what prevented her from continuing?

Ya-cocaine jing’s sample collection was seized, and Li-min’s home was looted. Zheng-yi pursued the man but was helpless to stop him. They located the car’s number and discovered that it was at Fu International. Li-min was now aware that Fu Lin was the owner of the “L” in “SY&L.” Li-min thought that Fu Lin, the headmaster of Fu International School, had been in the restroom with Shih-yun just before she passed away. Fu Lin acknowledged that he had been there that evening; Shih-yun had requested him to fetch some medicines for Ya-jing, one of her cousins. He handed it to them and walked out of the room.

Later, his father purchased the surveillance camera’s video since it could put his son at grave risk. Zheng-yi drew a gun after losing control of his temper. As soon as the police arrived, Li-min was taken into custody, but Zheng-yi managed to flee. Chen-chen received the whole video recording of Fu Lin’s confession from Zheng-yi. However, the editor of True News chose to post the scene in which Zheng-yi threatened Fu Lin with a gun on the True StandPoint channel rather than uploading the passage where he admitted to distributing drugs and had the surveillance tape deleted. It was determined that Zheng-yi was a drug user who had his girlfriend under control. The news was followed by reports of Zheng-yi’s accident sister’s and Chairman Wang’s passing.

When Li-min pressed the editor, he admitted that Fu International had donated money to True News and that they had also founded it in the first place. Fu Lin was not the murderer, according to him, and Ya-jing decided not to publish the account to protect Shih-yun. Shih-yun offered to reveal the school drug cartel in exchange for Ya-jing not publishing the Zheng-yi story when she learned that she would write an article about Zheng-drug yi’s test report.

Shih-yun tried to convince Ya-jing that there was a functioning cartel at the school and that she was a member of it. However, the more Ya-jing investigated the situation, the more she concluded that Shih-yun was fabricating the entire situation to shield Zheng-yi from harm. She deposited the money into her account to show that everything was genuine. Ya-Jing decided to give up on the case’s ongoing investigation.

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