The Real World: Are Avery Tressler and Johnny Reilly Still Together?

Are Johnny and Avery From The Real World Still Together

Are Avery Tressler and Johnny Reilly Still Together? – The 28th season of MTV’s reality series The Real World, which centers on a diverse group of strangers living together for several months in a different city each season as cameras record their lives and interpersonal connections, is titled The Real World: Portland. It is the second season of The Real World to be filmed in the Pacific Northwest after The Real World: Seattle. It is also the seventh season of the show to be produced in Oregon, specifically in the Pacific States region of the United States.

There were eight cast members throughout the season because one cast member was replaced when she quit the show. The twenty-eighth season will be held in Portland, Oregon, according to a June 19, 2012, post on the website The twenty-eighth season will take place in Portland, according to MTV Head of Programming David Janollari, who announced this on August 3, 2012, during the annual Television Critics Association Press Tour. Beginning on August 2, 2012, production ran until October 31, 2012. The first episode of the season, which has 12 episodes, aired on March 27, 2013.

Avery Tressler and Johnny Reilly, the couple from “The Real World: Portland” season 29, surprised everyone with their chemistry. People are interested to know whether they are still together or separated. Let’s find out the answer.

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Johnny and Avery’s The Real World Journey

Johnny and Avery’s “The Real World” Journey

Johnny was a fantastic ice hockey player, but he felt limited in his career options and ultimately opted to become a physical therapist to help other sportsmen. Avery was formerly employed as a server at The Hooters before she appeared on “The Real World” on MTV.

In the first episode, when the friends are out clubbing and having a fantastic time, an anonymous male makes sexual attempts toward Avery. Johnny then intervened to stop the man’s inappropriate behavior. Once they were up and dancing together, it was only natural that they would kiss. Just a few days into filming their romance on the show, the couple was already entirely smitten with one another and at ease with the cameras rolling.

Reports claim that on the night of the second episode, Johnny and Avery engaged in sexual activity after Johnny surprised Avery by showing interest in more than just her body. Apparently, they even had sexual encounters in the women’s restroom of a nearby pizzeria in episode 3. They shared times of affection and a few minor disagreements, but Johnny’s trust concerns remained unchecked.

But Nia, the two’s common enemy, was the original cause of tension. They’ve been into some very brutal fights on the show. Nia went for Johnny’s head with a blow dryer, but she was stopped by Avery, who metaphorically grabbed her wig. When Nia hit Johnny, he was too afraid to hit back.

Nia made fun of the size of Johnny’s genitalia after he protected his girlfriend on another occasion. Although they had not yet declared war, Nia found it unpleasant that he had lowered his pants and continued to battle. I’m curious if the couple has been able to maintain their relationship in the “real world,” given how much turmoil and tension they had to endure on the show.

Are Johnny and Avery Still Together?

The short answer? NO. On December 2013, Johnny split up with Averey. The divorce was effectively announced to the public when Averey tweeted, “I need a beer. #singlegirlproblems,” at that point. Johnny from The Real World: Portland and Averey, who dated during Season 29, broke up soon after he and the rest of the cast of The Challenge: Free Agents arrived home at the end of the previous year. According to their own Twitter profiles, Averey appears to have handled the breakup by drinking beer and responding to followers’ kind words, while Johnny chose to go get some wings.

You may recall that Johnny and Averey began dating around 10 minutes into the season premiere of The Real World: Portland. Their romance lasted until the end of the season, at which point Averey went to Boston to be with her boyfriend and work at a wicked great bar.

What might have occurred, then? Anything, really, but I have a few ideas. They might have grown apart naturally while Johnny was filming The Challenge. Maybe he cheated on Averey with one of his new Challenge co-stars because he regularly dates women from reality TV (which will surely be super fun for her to watch as the season unfolds starting April 10). Or it suddenly occurred to him that his relationship with Averey had begun on an MTV reality show. Realizing that telling people that would have been the same as saying they had met online in the early 2000s, he decided it was best to call it quits.

Jordan, Jessica, and Nia, his former co-stars from The Real World: Portland, are joining Johnny this season of The Challenge. I’m curious to see if any of the Portland residents chose to form a group to attempt to climb their way to the top after Johnny basically got along with Jordan, was generally irritated by Jessica, and nearly got into a physical altercation with Nia.

Still, we have to wonder if there is any chance for Johnny and Averey since we are hopeless reality romantics. Averey might be reminded of her initial feelings for Johnny by seeing him again on reality TV. In the eyes of the viewers, the couple’s main issue was Johnny’s trust concerns, up until Nia’s attempt to beat them with a hairdryer.

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