Where are Alicia Rohbock’s Kids RuLeecia and Rachel Now?

RuLeecia and Rachel Rohbock Now
Rachel Rohbock. Image Source: Netflix

RuLeecia and Rachel Rohbock Now: Where are Alicia Rohbock’s Kids Today? – Alicia Rohbock was a member of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at one point in her life. However, in 2008, the mother of two was reunited with her girls after being away from them for nearly a year.

Alicia talks about her suffering in Netflix docuseries Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey,’ and her kids, RuLeecia and Rachel, recount what happened when the government stormed the ranch they were living on. So if you’re interested in learning more about Alicia Rohbock’s children RuLeecia and Rachel, we’ve got you covered.

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RuLeecia and Rachel Rohbock
RuLeecia and Rachel Rohbock. Image Source: Netflix

RuLeecia and Rachel Rohbock: Who Are They?

Rulon Jeffs, the church’s prophet, was married to Alicia Rohbock before he died. Following that, she married LeRoy Jeffs and had two children with him. RuLeecia was the couple’s firstborn, and Rachel arrived 18 months later. Warren Jeffs, Rulon’s son, and LeRoy’s brother, became the prophet after Rulon’s death. According to the show, Warren abruptly ejected LeRoy from the church and instructed Alicia to destroy all of his photographs and never speak of him to her children.

Soon after, Alicia married Seth (Warren’s younger brother), and the children were taken to the YFZ Ranch in Texas when they were less than five years old. Alicia was invited to return to Short Creek, an FLDS settlement on the Arizona-Utah border, at this point. However, several children were evacuated from the ranch during a police raid in April 2008, after officials discovered evidence of sexual abuse and underage marriage.

“We were told that, I believe, something horrible was about to happen,” RuLeecia, who was only four years old at the time of the raid, recalled. We were just afraid of these folks, so we stayed outside and kept an eye on them. And then we saw something in the distance, which turned out to be a helicopter. We weren’t fearful of nothing, but we were terrified of everything.” RuLeecia had never encountered someone from the outside world before that.

Later, Seth requested that Alicia travel to Texas to claim her daughters. The girls, on the other hand, didn’t recognise their mother because they had been taken away from her when they were small. “I had always thought another,” RuLeecia explained. “Ester was her name, and she was my mother. That’s exactly what they said to me. But, yes, I recall. I was like, ‘Who is this woman?’ as she came up to me and hugged me”. Rachel mentioned in the episode that she remembered Alicia hugging them, but it was strange since she didn’t realise it was her mother.

Where are RuLeecia Rohbock now
RuLeecia Rohbock. Image Source: Netflix

RuLeecia and Rachel Rohbock: Where Are They Now?

The girls were ultimately allowed to return home with their mother after a difficult few days at a shelter. This was a great reprieve, and Alicia and her children eventually left the FLDS, hoping for a fresh start in the world that awaited them outside. For the most part, the girls have remained out of the spotlight and appear to be having as much fun as any other group of youngsters their age.

RuLeecia and Rachel appear to live with Alicia in Hildale, Utah. According to social media, the Rohbock family spends a lot of time together and regularly visits nature.

You can stream ‘Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey‘ documentary on Netflix with subscription.

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