Jose Luis Cabezas Murder: Where Are Gustavo Prellezo and Silvia Belawsky Now?

Gustavo Prellezo
Gustavo Prellezo, police officer

Jose Luis Cabezas Murder: Where Are Gustavo Prellezo and Silvia Belawsky Now? – The police tracked down Gustavo Prellezo, the triggerman, in the murder of Jose Luis Cabezas, a photographer for the magazine Noticias. They accused him of acting on the orders of Alfredo Yabran, an influential Argentine businessman at that time. The crucial link was made, however, by Gustavo’s then-wife, Silvia Belawsky’s evidence.

The Photographer: Murder in Pinamar,’ a Netflix original film, follows the aftermath of Jose’s murder and the fate of those involved. So, if you’re wondering where Gustavo and Silvia are right now, you’re in luck!

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Silvia Belawsky
Silvia Belawsky, a police officer and ex-wife of Prellezo.

Gustavo Prellezo and Silvia Belawsky: Who Are They?

The inquiry looked to point to a group from Los Hornos, Argentina, who were recruited by Gustavo Prellezo, a police officer, after Jose was shot and burned in January 1997. While the motive was initially unclear, a review of his phone records appeared to provide the answer. Gustavo made repeated calls to a number traceable to Gregorio Rios, Alfredo’s chief of security, according to the documentary.

Jose had published an image of Alfredo in Noticias less than a year before the murder. Back then, he was infamous for refusing to have his picture taken. As a result, the authorities had a reason to investigate. One of the gang members confessed in addition to the phone records. Hector Retana admitted to being engaged in Jose’s kidnapping and claimed Gustavo summoned him.

Jose was kidnapped from outside his residence on January 25 and taken to General Madariaga in Argentina, and it was subsequently revealed. Gustavo shot him twice there and then warned the others not to talk about it, according to Hector. Then, Silvia Belawsky, who was married to Gustavo at the time and also worked as a police officer, consented to give the authorities more information.

She was arrested alongside the others, and a witness said she had asked for information about Jose’s past in December 1996. Silvia testified in 1998 that Gustavo confessed to her about Jose Luis Cabezas Murder. He explained that Alfredo had placed the order because the businessman was unhappy with the photograph’s publication. Gustavo had known Alfredo since January 1995, according to Silvia, and they had met on a regular basis. He had even done some work for Alfredo.

Silvia claimed that in December 1996, her then-husband accepted gifts from Alfredo and urged her to learn more about Jose. In her statement, she alleged that Alfredo had ordered Gustavo and Gregorio to burn down a house in Pinamar, Argentina.

When asked why Silvia hadn’t come forward with this knowledge earlier, she stated that Gustavo had threatened her and that she feared for her and her daughter’s safety. Gustavo allegedly compelled her to produce an alibi for him, according to the former police officer.

Gustavo Prellezo arrested in murder case
The former police officer was sentenced to life imprisonment but benefited from parole in 2017. (Photo: NA Archive)

Where Are Gustavo Prellezo and Silvia Belawsky Today?

Gustavo was convicted guilty of Jose’s murder and sentenced to life in prison in February 2000. He studied to become a lawyer while incarcerated. Gustavo was placed under house arrest in September 2010 after he cited health difficulties, including a herniated disc and difficulty breathing. Gustavo was given conditional release in 2017. Jose’s family then revealed that he had been registered as a lawyer since August 2018, which they did not approve of.

Jose’s family complained, requesting that Gustavo refrains from practising law until his term was completed in 2021. As a result, the Public Bar Association resolved to bar him from membership in November 2020. Gustavo was living in Los Hornos, according to a report dated January 2022.

Silvia was acquitted of murder but found guilty of defrauding an insurance company by falsely reporting the stolen car used in the incident. Silvia was sentenced to four years in prison for this, but was freed in February 2000. She now resides in La Plata, Argentina, according to reports.