Where is Jose Luis Cabezas’ Wife ‘Cristina Robledo’ Today?

Where is Jose Luis Cabezas’ Wife Cristina Robledo Now

Where is Jose Luis Cabezas’ Wife Cristina Robledo Now? – When photojournalist Jose Luis Cabezas was assassinated in January 1997, the police conducted an inquiry that took them right back to their own department. ‘The Photographer: Murder in Pinamar,’ a Netflix original film, explores the circumstances surrounding Jose’s death and the police’s discovery of a plot to assassinate him.

Jose’s wife, Maria Cristina Robledo, was heartbroken when she learned of his death and sought to bring the perpetrators to justice. So, if you’re wondering where she is today, we have some information for you!

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Who is Cristina Robledo

Cristina Robledo, Who is She?

Cristina was in her twenties when she met Jose in early 1993 in Pinamar, Argentina. Jose was covering the season as a photographer for Noticias at the time, while Cristina was there to supplement her income. After falling in love, the pair moved in together a few months later. They spent most of the year in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the summers in Pinamar.

Jose already had two children from a previous relationship, Agustina and Juan. Cristina had given birth to their daughter, Candela, around five months before to the tragedy. Jose was then found shot and burned in a car in General Madariaga, Argentina, on January 25, 1997. The case was eventually linked to Alfredo Yabran. He was suspected of ordering the hit, with his head of security requesting Gustavo Prellezo, a police officer, to carry it out.

It all began in February 1996, when Jose learnt that Alfredo would be visiting the beach in Pinamar with his wife. Alfredo had previously refused to allow his photographs to be taken and was being investigated by Noticias for his ties to Argentina’s dictatorship between 1978 and 1983.

Jose was with Cristina, his friend Gabriel, and Gabriel’s partner on that particular occasion. He then pretended to be a tourist taking a picture of Cristina while clicking Alfredo’s photos. Alfredo’s photograph was later used as the cover photo for one of Noticia’s issues, resulting to Jose’s assassination.

Where is Cristina Robledo TOday

What Happened to Cristina Robledo and Where Is She Now?

While the murderers were given life sentences, they were eventually released after their sentences were reduced. Cristina was enraged by these developments and believed the case lacked justice, saying, “Not in any way.” If you ask a lawyer, he can tell you that Justice did this or that, but there was no justice in our opinion. And I doubt it will ever be.”

Cristina has worked as a kindergarten teacher, secretary, and receptionist in the past. She left Argentina with her kid and relocated to Europe in the face of intense media scrutiny and pressure. They’ve kept a low profile since then, only visiting Argentina on rare occasions.

Cristina claimed in a 2017 interview that not much has changed in her native country, adding, “The country remains the same, the problems remain the same, the injustices remain the same, it seems like I left yesterday.”

“There were no arms or words that could explain what had happened to me.” Why did this have to happen to José Luis? Why should it be our children who suffer? To his parents, perhaps? To his sister, perhaps? And why should I care? “I constantly find his pure and transparent sight in the gaze of our baby,” Cristina, who now lives in Spain, told Michi.

She and Candela are currently residing in the Canary Islands, Spain.

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